Libbey Bowl’s Town Hall Meeting

Thank you to everyone who attended the January 19, 2016 Libbey Bowl town hall meeting.  Everyone’s input is instrumental in planning for our much beloved Libbey Bowl’s future.  If you would like to review what was said at this meeting you can view the video below.


Libbey Bowl: Rental and Use

After the complete tear-down and reconstruction of Libbey Bowl in 2011, the Ojai City Council elected to turn over the management of this venue to the Libbey Bowl Foundation. Initial startup funding for the management expenses were raised by the the Ojai Service Foundation.  However, the Libbey Bowl Foundation was unable to continue the management this venue and responsibility was returned to the City of Ojai.  In November the City Council directed the formation of a Libbey Bowl Ad-Hoc committee to research options for the permanent management of the facility. In the interim, Libbey Bowl is being managed by the City. Persons or groups wishing to rent the Libbey Bowl can reach us by e-mail at manager@libbeybowl.org or by phone at 805-272-3881.

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