Arts Grants

Arts grants, which have traditionally been awarded at the December Ojai City Council meeting, help to ensure the vitality of the arts in the Ojai Valley. The City's Arts Commission offers Art Grants each year as the budget allows.

The grant program funds non-profit arts organizations and individual artists whose primary purpose is to produce or present arts and cultural programs in the City of Ojai. Arts Grants are made for one year. 

The goals of the Arts Grant Program include: encouraging artistic excellence; developing new audiences for the arts; promoting diversity in Ojai’s cultural life; promoting and encouraging arts and cultural activities in the City of Ojai; and encouraging community partnerships and artistic collaboration.

For more information on Arts Grants, email the Arts Commission

Arts Grant Ranking Criteria

  1. Clarity, originality and depth of the idea presented in the proposal.
  2. Qualifications of artists, collaborators and other key people involved in the project.
  3. Projects potential effectiveness in addressing a specific community need.
  4. Soundness of the project plan, including budget and timeline.
  5. Consistency with the organization’s mission and goals.
  6. Organization’s demonstrated ability to successfully carry out past projects.
  7. Organization’s strength and role in the community, including its financial health and ability to raise funds as needed.
  8. Strength and stability of the organization’s management and leadership, or strength and appropriateness of fiscal receiver, if applicable.
  9. Feasibility that the project can be completed if only partial amount of funds requested are awarded.