Ojai Police Department

The Police Department is responsible for the safety and welfare of the citizens of Ojai and the general public. Ojai's Police provide traditional police services as well as specialized units capable of responding to, and resolving any incident needing Police assistance or intervention.

Ojai's law enforcement officers strive to prevent crime, enforce the law, investigate criminal activity and apprehend offenders. In addition to patrol and administrative officers stationed in Ojai, Ojai's Police Department - provided by contract from the Ventura County Sheriff's Department - provide a School Resource Officer at Nordhoff High School.

The Ojai Police station at 402 S Ventura Street is also the hub for Ventura County Sheriff Department officers who patrol the unincorporated portion of the Ojai Valley.

WE TIP Anonymous Crime Hotline

  • Phone: 800-782-7463 (800-78-CRIME)

Ojai residents have a completely anonymous method for reporting criminal activity to local law enforcement officials, the WE TIP Hotline. When We Tip operators answer your call, they will say, "do not give your name or identify yourself in any way." No one will know who you are: not us, not the alleged suspect, not ever. The hotline system uses no caller ID, no tracing and no taping. All informants are eligible for a reward of up to $1,000 when their information results in an arrest and conviction.

Please help reduce crime in our community by reporting criminal acts and suspicious behavior.

Ventura County Sheriff's Website

The Ventura County Sheriff's website offers our citizens many resources to help keep our communities informed and safe. To learn about important information, including crime trends, please follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Nixle and Instagram. You can also register for VC Alert by visiting the Sheriff's website.

Keep Non-Motorized Vehicles off City Streets

Ordinance 807, effective October 9, 2009, prohibits the parking of non-motorized vehicles on City streets. The code requires that:

  1. No person shall park or leave standing on any street, alley or public property a non-motorized vehicle that is detached from a motor vehicle.
  2. A non-motorized vehicle is detached from a motor vehicle if the hitch, coupling device, connections, brakes, light connections, safety chains or other devices required by law for the sale and legal operation of the non-motorized vehicle on a public highway are not connected to a motor vehicle.

Exemptions are allowed for commercial vehicles loading/unloading goods, vehicles required for repair/construction of adjacent properties, or recreational vehicles being loaded/unloaded (limited to 24 hours).

Such vehicles may not be parked in side yards or front yards. Local storage facilities are available.